Monday, May 27, 2019

Punk Rock Song of Bizarro

Bizarro am most punk rock hero ever
me shun beauty and hate what me love
me am very healthy with super weakness
and every day I go to sleep is an old ending

my every move is real-life fiction
Bizarro: The Movie, poor with mundane effects
you will not believe a man can fly backwards
I always see where I’m not going fast

All me need is Hate. Hate is all me need
to keep this cube-shaped world of ours still spinning
I cannot sing. I am weaker than a moving train.
Less powerful than jumping buildings.

Me am not unSuperman without glasses
unsecret identity is hidden all over my face
Look at my cheekbones. I am guitar expert
My band am not The Justice League of Bowling

I am weakest one of all. Everything can hurt me.
Cold and lonely fortress of solitude not hanging on my sleeve
We unthank you, Bizarro am champion of losers.
Me am arrive now with “Down, down and Right Here…!”

All me know is Hate. Hate is all me need.
The only crime in Bizarro World is being perfect
Me am the Man of Yesterday, me am beautiful
"Down, down and right here!".

"Down, down and right here!".