Sunday, May 29, 2016

Man on a Corner, with iPod

I've been waiting here since the afternoon,
There's no more denial that I can consume,
my stomach is too full of empty already.
She would've telephoned if she was coming.

My earphones in,  Nina Simone
sings "You'll Never Walk Alone"
and I hope she's singing to me.

I wrote all my love letters in the dark.
I don't think that any found their mark.
I dream of love with a perfect fit
& not having "Hopelessly" as prefix.

My earphones in, The Cure
describes Love as a force majeure
a tragedy we all still carry

Music hath charms this beast was told
but this yearning heart shit's getting old.

I don't wait on that corner anymore
there's nothing good to wait there for.
My heart is empty, but my head is clear.
My body clock says it's time is for leaving here.

My earphones in, Linda Thompson sings,
how one clear moment can change everything,
change everything

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