Sunday, June 26, 2016

How to Set Up Your Relapse

Believe you are immune after
all these years, damn invulnerable
if you do say so, yourself. Yes.

Believe that lightning won't strike
the bold while they're in motion;
misunderstand the limits of prayer.

Walk through dangerous places
inside your head after 11 at night,
when nothing is a good idea;

forget bad thoughts aren't friends.
Remember good times. Miss the taste
of a poison that wasn't your story;

wonder if... wonder maybe if only
this wasn't this and you weren't
you and everything was different;

consider the drink. Lose count
of the reasons why not. Believe
you're invulnerable, bold; a man

of reason and prayer and Yes.
Forget your own story. Celebrate
resentments. Consider the drink.

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