Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I Don't Don't Like Mondays (Nov. 30/30 #1)

(prompt: There are seven days of the week, and one of them hates you.  Oddly enough, it isn't

Everybody hates
Monday; the punch-
line to working class
humor; buttered bread
of comic strips. Grin 
and bear it wisdom.

Me? Too busy lost
in always incoming
tides of dedication
to the drink; gasp
at the air and sink
down willingly.

Washing my wounds
in salt-water. Self-care
for those dead-set
on drowning; knowing
which way is up, but
swimming in the other.

Throwing-up daily
on the harsh and brutal
shores of Living
On the Rocks; always
scared, always thirsty,
always, almost always,

I didn't know how
else to live. Never
feared a Monday,
per se; but instead,
any day of the week
that ended in "y"...

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