Saturday, January 14, 2017

... Or As Needed

I take eight different medications
on a daily basis, with another three
in case of emergencies of muscle
or bone; two pills to keep my blood
pressure numbers closest to human
as possible; two for all the sorrows
that still live and feed beyond me

or my ability to cope normally; plus
a pill for how anxious I feel because
of the number of pills I have to take
everyday. Lastly, three miracle powders
I have to inhale to keep the billowing
sails of my lungs full and open to air.
I am as defined by the cures I've tried

as I am by the chronic ills they targeted.
I'm a war waging under my skin; found
by following prescription paper trails
appointment calls, medical records, and
medical records and medical records...
"Chronic, incurable, slow. Treatments,
but no cure so far so far as we know."


  1. It's a road, not a destination.
    And yet. And yet.

    Lady bless, better than nothing. Better
    than it was before. Better than
    the yawning ache, the empty carousel whirl
    the tunes tinny
    and slightly out of key.
    Here is your scrip.
    Call me in two weeks.
    Carefully ramp down
    on what I gave you a month ago.
    Lady bless
    still better
    than the nothing.