Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hopscotching the Elephant

I said it wasn't that I didn't want to forgive myself
for my mistakes, it's that I never learned how to
separate myself like that. I am the Cognito ergo sum
of my mistakes, Forgiveness blunts the bitter edge 
I need to be hard on myself. I don't know different.

She said, Try approaching the forgiveness in steps,
in small pieces. Like eating an elephant: you're not
going to be able to do it all at once, never mind
even large chunks, so pace yourself; work a little 
at it every day. She said It's also like Hopscotch; 

you know the basics, everything else is moving 
through the motions you know. While I don't
hopscotch (I never learned), and I'm an ethical
omnivore (so elephant is right off the menu),
the rest makes sense to me somewhere deeper

than the spoken word. And while I don't know
the how, or the if, of forgiving oneself. Still, 
I recall a hopscotch song:  fire, fire, false alarm, 
I fell into forgiving's arms. Is this going to be
the one? Yes, no maybe so; yes, no, maybe so

The "Fire fire" chant adapted from a post on
Clattery MacHinery on Poetry
Grateful for the inspiration.

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