Sunday, April 2, 2017

30/30 Revision #2 The Clock-Cutter Confesses

Time is vital. Bricks are important. Both
of those things can be stacked. You can trust
things that stack well. They are reliable, possibly
very tall. Time uses the sun to cast shadows.

I have a job I do. I work with time. There is time
layered on my hands. I work in a chronos-mine.
I pick at time. Digging into a deep vein. And
stacking. Stacking, always. I am keeping time.

Time is tactile. I am paid a stack of days. I work
for time. It feeds me. Time to eat. Time to grow up.
I make things with it. I make a bed. Time for sleep.
Then there is dream time...

I have this dream. Time is in my veins. My blood
 is ticking. I need a doctor. I say something in time.
I am given pills for every hour. Time for medicine.
I have a job. I work in a mine. Until I got clocked.

I killed time. There is time on my hands, big time
and there is little time left. I run out of time. Now
it's time for justice. There are 12 jurors. One each
for every hour.The jury is stacked against me.

The prosecutor is on the court's time. The verdict
arrives in a timely manner. I had a job. I worked
with time. Now I'm told to do my time, hoping
I receive time off for good behavior, someday

to return to the mines. I've grown lazy, off
the clock, there is so much time left to waste.

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