Friday, June 28, 2019

Young Morrissey Sings to Old Morrissey

Oh my, old dad
what a terrible life
you must have had,
to end up so old
and sold
to the cold vacancies of a narrow mind.
I went to London and they don't know you
anymore, they no longer recognize.

Could the story of your life be any more plain?
So surprised a solipsistic young man
grew up to become such a bitter old man.
Just another cunt,
waving a flag for the national Front.

Tell me sir, how do you not choke
on your own words? Is this some terrible joke?
How do you break the hearts of everyone
that ever believed in you? I feel bad
for Johnny and Mike and Andy too,
just because they used to work with you.
There goes the reunion…

Oh my, old dad.
What a terrible brain disease
you must have had.
to wear such hate
In a button on your lapel
On American television
I’m surprised you even showed up at all.

Now go away, go away, go away
go away, go away, oh please, go away.
or better yet, die alone
and take the England you remember,
take the mythical Old England you remember;
you can share the same gravestone,
with the epitaph, “It took too long for us to die.”

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