Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Sometimes Impossible is Only What You Cannot Believe

The first recorded image of an Okapi is from a façade

of the Apadana of Perseoplis, 5th Century B.C.E.,

even though the Western world, refused to believe

in it until the late 1800s. It wasn't like Okapi existed

to a greater extent after that, anymore than it didn't

through all those years of being hidden away from view.

May 10, 1970 is far from 1887, just as the Congo is

from 5th Century Persepolis. But strange creatures do whatever

is necessary to exist across distances of disbelief. I did not ever

have an interest is sports as a kid, my imagination explored

different heroes. But a young boy in America in the 1960s

who didn't like sports as much as breathing was... unknown.

I knew my adopted father felt this way. So I tried my best

to show fake interest that looked real, like he did with me.

So, there I was at that epic moment in History, the last game 

of the 1970s Stanley Cup Finals, and Bobby Orr made flying

real for long enough to place the winning goal. So excited

to see my father be proud of someone, I wanted a taste of that.

I blurted, "That was as impossible as they used to thing Okapi

was!" His face fell. He looked at me, had no idea what I was.

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