Thursday, April 14, 2016

All Points Bulletin #7/30

(in-class exercise: the Simile)

Calling all those concerned,
be on lookout for a suspect
in several criminal complaints.
The culprit identified as “Life”
is described as “something
as empty as mystery; green
as a bird’s dream; personal
as blood; regular as midnight;
reluctant as a swollen cloud;
nervous as bad dreams caught

peeking; smooth as silence;
quick as already; as certain
as sure; pretty as a possibility;
as lonely as mercy; willing
to do anything imaginable
as one drowning should, slicker
than owl shit; desperate as
a second youth; crying like
November; pale as pale as pale as...

Should you see Life, please,
be cautious as blood-letting;
careful as cats; and quiet
as real rain. Be as certain
as heartbeats; call for help
like wind changing direction,
then be as gone as last
night, when you were not
able to even voice similes;

it was like…like…like…

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