Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Vertebrates (#4/30)

It runs in the family. So goes the legend
about all vertebrates. Maybe it was steel
resolve that evolved to become this gift,
maybe we all just had a stick up our asses
that eventually grew these arms and legs,

or front legs and rear legs; or wings and legs
or many fins because fish can't seem to agree
on shit, with anybody. You see why our family
can't seem to unify, despite all our shared,
and closeted skeletons? Exoskeletons mean

not having to say, "I am soft and touchable."
But we wear all our vulnerabilities outside.
Our cowardly bones chatter, "You got this,
I'm right here, inside you. Got your back,
face!" There is a reason fish are not birds,

reptiles are not mammals, and amphibians
just want the privilege of not choosing to
be defined by one element or another. This
family: phylum chordata, united in bone,
we disagree about almost everything else.

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