Saturday, February 11, 2017

For the Lovers That Waited In Vain For Me to Return From the Sea

I am sorry you fell in love
with someone who wasn't
there most of the time. Buried
too deep in myself, needing
substance to bring me back
up to Human. Those bad
habits meant more than you
did, every time the choice
arose. You told me you loved
me; I gave you an excuse
and a mask I assured you
was the "really me." I was
never in those photosgraphs,
just something you'd think
looked like me, sounded
like me, took to the drink
whenever it was offered,
and also took the drink
when it wasn't. Drowning
in escape that was doomed
every time I looked deep
into a mirror. I still drowned.
I just didn't go anywhere.

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