Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Mr Half-Measure

I am Half-Enough
I am Rough-Sketched
I am Almost There
I am Think I'll Rest.
I am Never Mind
I am It's Too Much
I am It's Too Hard
I am If and I am And
     and I am Yes, But

I am Once or Twice
I am Three-Quarters There
I am I Tried That Once &
                  It Didn't Work
I am Half-Prepared
I am Stalling Tactic
I am Drag My Feet
I am Piecing Up My Puzzle
I am Missing Piece

I am Undermine
I am Self Sabotage
I am Lack of Clear Memory
        of Just How Bad I Was
I am More Research
       Inevitable Crash
I am Back For More
I am The Aftermath

I am Painful Cry
I am Justify
I am Try This Time, I Swear
I am a Simple Lie
I am the Such Unfortunate
I am the Less Than Average Chance
I am the Exhausted, Beaten Fighter
            Mumbling for One More Dance

I'm the one that never finds or claims a seat.
I am Tomorrow, or the Next Day's Unsurprising Tragedy
I am Mr. Half, because I never measure up.
I am drowning in my cups, but it's never quite enough.

I am Statistically Improbable
I am Wasted Final Chance
I am the Tragic Half-Life
that malediction grants
I am Bitter Gravity
I am Hand That Comes Up Three Times
                                        Before I Drown
I am Numbers counting down.

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