Thursday, April 12, 2018

Teaching Old Men New Kicks

When you are older and disabled
learning martial arts is a delicate
between getting your body
in shape and not destroying it
in the process

the teacher says ideally, this
kick he is showing us should land
upside my opponent's head. I smile
at his optimism. My hips don't.

I try anyways & maybe that
is the whole point. to keep trying,
stay in motion, but don't mistake
the map for the territory (translated:
a picture of something is not
the thing
itself     or; a map is no good if you stare at it
so hard that you walk off a cliff

so, I respect the map of the kick
the instructor asks of me
but do not confuse it with the territory
that is my hips. I try
and keep my balance while
I try
to aim
every punch, every kick
at a map
of my opponent's head
but will settle for the territory
of their kneecap.

1 comment:

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