Monday, April 2, 2018

The 13th Amendment Trick

They say the best trick the Devil ever pulled
is convincing people he doesn't exist. But no,
that isn't true. And it wasn't the Devil that did
it. It was Man. A magic man saying, "Now you see
European... and now you see White!" or "This was

something undiscovered, this place, the people.
Now watch as he pulls Christianity out of a hat! And
cheap resources as if from thin air, and not
people's bodies. Please, trust him with your body...
now, watch him red cloth, watch him hard hammer,

look what he has done to you, body and country.
changed you from Human to only three-fifths;
changed you from your home to somewhere
in Hell; changed you from Free to Owned, a thing,
property. And when America said, "Show's over!"

back in 1865, he said, 'Just watch!' and took ahold
of Freedom and abra cadaver... turned it into Prison
Labor!" And the Gods of Industry, black-hearted White
Men said, "This is Good!" and Presto! pennies fell
from Heaven, splashing on a stage already blooded.

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